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"There are new things to be discovered here in Coventry. As we leave my castle now, you must be aware of everything. Keep your mind sharp, be keen of every detail. I have so much more to tell you, but I musn’t say too much too soon. You’re about to embark on a powerful journey, full of surprises. A far greater destiny awaits you beyond these walls.  I haven’t yet finished my role in this, but the moment I do….you are on your own. What I am doing now, is giving you tools. Tools you can use to your advantage. Let us enjoy these last few spots, and be prepared to learn a lot. However I must warn you. Do not be fooled, there is more danger out there than you think. Always be on guard."

Why yes, but I told you not to get too comfortable. This is our exit.
Pohliheeta: “oh yeah ‘once you see things how they are now, they will never be the same again’. I forgot”
Pohliheeta: “Wait..weren’t we just at this door?”
Welcome to the moon room. No matter what time of day it is, this room remains moonlit. Its my favorite room in my home, and its the most special which is why I protected it with a ward. Sometimes I like to come in here a feel the breeze, but this room has a far greater importance. But im getting ahead of myself. You have much more to see. And I still have to introduce you to my sisters. We’ll leave through this hallway.
If you’ve noticed, this door is warded which means only I can open it. Even though my castle shifts, this room never changes.
Pohliheeta: “…….”
Pohliheeta: “Oh, you can say that again.”
THIS is the galaxy room. You can go anywhere you like. And it looks like we’re just in time to see the birth of a nebula. Its by far the most magnificant light you’ll ever see. Come now, I have one more room to show you before we leave my house.
Pohliheeta: “This one.”
Okay then. Open it. :)
Pohliheeta: “ohmyword. Why can I breathe?”
Because this is the water room. Everyroom in the hall has something special. Wether it be a power or just beautiful. You chose the water room….there fore you breathe water.
Pohliheeta: “I love it.”
Pohliheeta: “What the…..”
Welcome to the water room. There’s still more to see. Jump through the picture.
Pohliheeta: “Through it????”
Don’t doubt. Just jump.
Pohliheeta: “Okay……this one.”
Ah good choice. Well go on, open it.
Okay, brace yourself. You will be amazed. Now pick a door.
Pohliheeta: “which door?”
Any door just pick one.
Pohliheeta: “Any door?!”
ANY door. :)